Seven Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage. Each year the weather begins to warm and the sun shines just a little bit longer each day. The furnace gets turned off and the windows are opened. Flowers begin to peek through the ground. Birds chirp happily. And people begin to clean out the dust and debris left behind from the long winter months.

Spring cleaning offers a number of benefits including:

1. You have a clean home. There’s nothing better than having a home that’s clean and free from all the dust and clutter of the winter. Like New Year’s Day or a birthday, it’s an opportunity to start fresh.

2. You know where everything is. When you go through each room, space, nook and cranny of your home you are able to take an inventory. You’re able to put things where they belong. You’re able to get rid of the things you no longer use. You can add space, light, and organization to your home. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find things you’d forgotten about or thought you’d lost.

3. Better health – free from mold, mildew, dust and bugs. When the windows are closed all winter long your home doesn’t have the opportunity to air out. Many scientists and environmental experts will tell you that the pollution inside your home is often much worse than outdoor air pollution. When you take the time to clean your home of mildew, dust, bugs and mold you’re improving your health.

You’re also improving the health of your family and your pets. And if you use environmentally friendly cleaners then you’re not filling your home with more toxins. So open those windows and enjoy some good old fashioned spring cleaning.

4. You’re able to get rid of clutter. Clutter is stressful. It collects and gathers dust. It prevents you from being relaxed and productive. Spring cleaning helps you eliminate the clutter. You’re able to get rid of what you don’t need and focus your time, energy and attention on the items that matter.

5. Your appliances last longer. Clean appliances last longer. Spring cleaning often involves a thorough appliance cleaning. You’ll save money in the long run because you won’t have to have your appliances serviced or replaced.

6. You appreciate what you have. When you clean your home from top to bottom it shows that you care. You’re able to look at what you have and take good care of it. This energy and attention helps you appreciate what you have.

7. It just feels good. Finally, it just feels great to have a clean, organized and efficient home. You can then focus your attention on the things that matter most in your life. Your family, your friends and your interests or hobbies.

This year, when you’re planning your spring cleaning consider what you have to gain. It may change your attitude toward spring cleaning. In fact, this may be your best year ever.

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Ralph Kayser is he owner at Desert Pro Commercial Cleaning LLC, a Tucson based janitorial service. Desert Pro provides cleaning services to business owners, property owners and managers, warehouse owners, and commercial, and residential, builders.